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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ordering FHL microfilm from your home

I recently heard a rumour about the possibility for individuals to order microfilm from the Family History Library in Salt Lake City -- online from their own homes -- and decided to look into it just a bit. I was thinking about how convenient that would be, to be able to peruse the FHL Catalog from home (from the Library tab at, and be able to go ahead and order films immediately without having to wait until the local Family History Center was open to get that order in. Of course the IDEAL situation would be where you could peruse the catalog, order the film, and then view it digitally IMMEDIATELY... and I certainly hope that is on tap for the future. But for now, I suppose I would be happy with just ordering online.

Anyway, what I discovered was that the ability for patrons to order films online and have them delivered directly to their local Family History Center of choice has already been introduced in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom ( Canada was supposed to be enjoying that luxury right about now, however, the Canadian Government just changed it's taxing structure and the Church was forced to delay the implementation of OnLine Film Ordering in Canada until the Canadian Government works out the details with regard to how microfilms and microfiche will be taxed.

And of course, the date given for the initiation of OnLine Film Ordering in the United States was "in the near future"... which as y'all know, means "don't hold your breath"!

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