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Friday, August 22, 2008

I might join the Indiana Gen. Society just for this...

The Indiana Genealogical Society now has databases on their website For Members Only... So I was wondering if it would be worth it to join for the databases, and it certainly is an odd collection... This one certainly is intriguing -- "Indiana's Civil War Veterans with Artificial Limbs". So while I guess the news is nothing to lose your head over, its worth checking out.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Updates to

I know this is just a little late in the posting, but as of earlier this month, the website has received a MAJOR facelift. With a cleaner, more streamlined look, the site now easily links through the top tabs, to the Labs site (Records Search Pilot), with the indexing-project results, as well as to the Family Archives Library, which hosts many of the digitized books which are hot linked directly from the Library Catalog. The SLC Family History Library catalog is also just a click away from those top tabs, as are a great directory-style collection of web links!

I can't say enough about the Records Search Pilot, which is updating regularly with the results of the worldwide indexing project. Keep checking back to see what their latest releases are!

Surprise! YOU have been volunteered...

Did you know that most likely, if you use the internet much, that you have been volunteering to help the digitization process of many of the nation's libraries?! You know those annoying little boxes of scrambled letters that you have to decipher at many websites to prove that you are a human? Well, the scientist that invented that technology decided that it wasted so many hours of human life, that he teamed up his technology with the book-digitization project, so that when you now see TWO words to unscramble or decipher, one of them is most likely a word that the computer digitized but didn't understand, due to aged or printing irregularities!!!

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