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Saturday, October 10, 2009

All the websites from my handouts in one handy toolbar!

I just got through giving three different one-hour lectures having to do with genealogical research on the internet, with dozens of website address in the handouts. I forgot to mention, however, that I also have created a toolbar that contains EVERY website I mention in any of my presentations, plus more, and its all free - free for me to make, free for anyone to download and use. Just a good deal all around.

You can download it by clicking on the "My Toolbar" artwork at the top of this blog, or at .
If you don't like it you can either turn it off (right click on your toolbar at the top, and uncheck the option for it), or even uninstall it completely. (But I hope you like it!)


TGblogger said...

Wow, Tami! Three lectures and an innovative gadget all your own! Sounds great!

grandrapidsgirl said...

I do like your toolbar, now how do I add my favorite blogs to your toolbar?

tami glatz said...

i'm working on toolbar personalization - but for now if you'd like, you can email me genealogy blog suggestions to include in the RSS reader until I can figure out allowing individual settings for that - relatively

Leslie Ann Ballou said...

Great idea!

marry said...

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