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Thursday, September 3, 2009

One reason for the latest Record Search Pilot makover

Y'all might have noticed that just a couple days ago the FamilySearch Record Search Pilot took on a new look - new fonts, new color scheme, new layout - that sort of thing. Scared me, at first, to tell the truth, fearing that I was going to have to figure out how to get all those great indexed records and images all over again! But a quick peruse calmed my fears, that it's still the same Record Search Pilot site, with a minor cosmetic makeover.

Today, at the FGS conference in Little Rock, I chatted with the folks over at the FamilySearch booth, who were very friendly and informative, and surprisingly the first woman I talked to there told me that she knew my sister (without even knowing my name! we kinda resemble each other in looks and voice so go figure). Turns out her daughter used to date my nephew for a while several years ago. Small world, isn't it?... but I digress...

I was talking with Merrill White (hope I got that right), another one of the FamilySearch representatives there at the booth, and in regards to those cosmetic changes, he directed me to the FamilySearch labs site, which has the upcoming new look for the entire FamilySearch website posted ( and explained that the new look for the Record Search site is just to prepare it to fit in with the overall new look that's coming for the entire FamilySearch site!

I'm learning so many great things, and meeting the most incredible people here! I'll post a few more bits and blurbs as I get my notes and thoughts organized.

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